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MP3 do ACT4 (06/11/2005 by CHAN)



Mais um CD Tributo aos Pumpkins, do excelente ACT4 , realizado todo ano desde 2000 no Metro Chicago. Confiram abaixo os demos enviados neste ano:


Depechekin and Leah Bush - Wound

Justin Carter - Sweet Sweet

Hakshasa - Daphne Decends

Noash Daleo - Jennifer Ever

Frequency Fall - Saturnine

Defined Mercury - The Everlasting Gaze

Spindleband - Soot and Stars

Katemine - Ava Adore

Analogue - Thru The Eyes of Ruby

Gloomy Art Rawk - Bullet With Butterfly Wings

João Miguel - Crush

Myonesha - Galapogos

Mike K - Home

Taphiq - To Sheila

Rain - Stumbleine

Nobert Kristof - 1979

Death Rawk Boy - Today

Alluvion - Ava Adore

Stacey Hawkins and Jim Jedlicka| Behold! The Nite Mare

Jackboot - Porcelina of the Vast Oceans

Goddart - Try Try Try (vr.1)

Digital Noice Addiction - Not Worth Asking

Laden Angel - Stand Inside Your Love

Hanna Yester - Obscured

Jonathon Baxter - Pulseczar

The Hayes Saige Band - Porcelina of the Vast Oceans

Zleep - Bodies

The IO´s - Set The Ray To Jerry

Phil Gillen - In the Arms of Sleep

Jade Eagle - Ava Adore

The Ohio - Snail

Mike Hamilton & Shane Devol - To Sheila

Even to The Stars - Zero

The VirusX - Tonite Reprise

Daniel Parker - Spaceboy



Tributo aos Pumpkins sai em Janeiro!(05/11/2005 by CHAN)


O álbum "A killer in Your : A tribute to Smashing Pumpkins" está com lançamento previsto para 31/01/2006 , as 11 faixas já estão disponíveis para serem compradas via iTunes. Confiram a lista abaixo:


01. ROSES ARE RED - "Cherub Rock"

02. A THORN FOR EVERY HEART - "Jelly Belly"

03. POISON THE WELL - "Soma"

04. EMANUEL - "Mayonaise"

05. ARMOR FOR SLEEP - "Today"

06. HOPESFALL - "Eye"

07. A STATIC LULLABY - "The Everlasting Gaze"

08. VAUX - "1979"

09. 32 LEAVES - "Zero"

10. MURDER BY DEATH - "We Only Come Out At Night"



Para escutar a cover "Cherub Rock" do ROSES ARE RED visite : http://www.myspace.com/thekillerinyousp


*OFF-TOPIC* A fim de um PC-Abóbora?(03/11/2005 by CHAN)


Segue no link abaixo um TUTORIAL de como montar um Case-Mode para PC como este ai em cima :)




Fonte: The Raw Feed


Auf Der Maur Gets Corgan (02/11/2005 by CHAN)



"I've spent 2005 basically recovering from 298 shows in 2004, which was really exhausting,"


Melissa Auf De Maur, ex-baixista do Hole e Smashing Pumpkins, agora em carreira solo, depois de ter feito centenas de shows em sua turnê do seu primeiro álbum volta a Montreal para descansar e gravar o segundo e esperado álbum solo, agora com ajuda do Billy Corgan.


"I moved back to Montreal because I wanted to get out of the noise of New York City and into the quiet of myself for this next record -- because I really want to expand. Now I'm diving into a very different period of my life, musically."

"It's really symbolic for me to have this opportunity with Billy, who is one of my main musical mentors," says Auf Der Maur. "It's an amazing full circle for me, because his music is directly related to why I picked up a bass. The Pumpkins' 1991 album Gish inspired me to play rock music, and then I was able to be in his band ten years later. But in all of this time, I've never actually written a song with him. I've written half the album on my own -- but I'm looking to really be kicked in the ass and whipped into a much better songwriter."


Para ler a entrevista completa clique AQUI


Entrevista do BC ao Triple J! (01/11/2005 by CHAN)


Today Today (Triple J): It's a great pleasure to be joined by Billy Corgan, formerly of The Smashing Pumpkins

Billy Corgan: Well actually I'm technically back in The Smashing Pumpkins, so...

TT: Technically back in The S...

BC: Yeah well...

TT: What's going on are they reforming or not? Can you give us the scoop?

BC: No.

TT: (laughter)

BC: You get no scoop today.

TT: 'Cause the last I heard about it, you put a, was it a, a note in the newspaper, an advertisement..

BC: No it was an ad..



Confiram a MP3 com a entrevista clicando AQUI


A New Dog for James Iha! (26/10/2005 by CHAN)



É isso mesmo, parece que o James Iha decidiu preencher o vazio que o Bugg fazia dentro dele, comprando um novo cachorro, na verdade uma Cadelinha... e que nome sugestivo "Sadie".


Leia mais sobre, clicando AQUI.


Flash´s Cômicos! (18/10/2005 by CHAN)





Where is Vince?


Pretty Pretty Star?

Sara Lee?



Esses são alguns flashes que o sujeito deste SITE criou... uma comédia!


obs: clicando em alguns , aparecem coisas interessantes. :)



Billy Corgan - Embracing The Future? (18/10/2005 by CHAN)


With the release of his first solo album, TheFutureEmbrace, the singer expected to confirm himself as a bona fide solo artist. But he soon realised that self-indulgent music wasn't going to help his career. When asked in 1995 if he would ever go it alone, the lead singer replied, "I've tried and it just doesn't work without the others."

"I never wanted to leave the Smashing Pumpkins. That was never the plan."

- Billy Corgan waxes nostalgic...


Ler Mais

Fonte: Music OMG


Auf de Maur na PLAYBOY! (16/10/2005 by CHAN)



Calma, Calma, não é o que vocês estão pensando! :)

Na verdade é uma entrevista onde a Melissa responde algumas perguntas sobre Sexo.

Anyway, é muito interessante.


LER (em inglês)


Solinho de Batera (15/10/2005 by CHAN)



Baixe AQUI O espetacular solo que o Jimmy fez em um show do Smashing Pumpkins em 29/11/2000 .


Jimmy Chamberlin fala novamente sobre os Pumpkins (14/10/2005 by CHAN)


Se eu estivesse com tempo no momento, tentaria traduzir pra vcs, mas acho que a maioria dos frequentadores deste pbwiki entendem a língua, o que posso falar é que parece ser verdadeira...


After the show:

JC is the nicest man in rock: he poses for pix and signs gladly. The other guys join in.

When the frenzy lies down I sit down next to JC and we start to chat. Now the very interesting stuff comes up! Please listen/read carefully, the dude always opens up to me you know...


  • September will mark the recording of the next JCC album. Ten days it took to record LBA, this one will take the same time, or shorter or as long as they have money. The sound may be a little more open and pop... Touring the record (LBA) is the greatest thing in the world; JC just loves to play live he says.
  • Releasedate for the next JCC album: before the new Pumpkins record.
  • Jumping on this info I ask him about the Pumpkins: the ad's in the newspapers even surprised JC. BC and JC have been talking about working together for ages, but this open approach and invitation was a little bit new to him. Then again: in stead of putting TSP on hold for a while they decided during TSP to break up and do different things (Zwan, solo) to branch out and expierence it all from a different angle. Corgan has his stuff, JC his own, Corgan is into progressive stuff JCs doing, JC sees where BC is going and JC would love to play the old songs again. When asked which songs, he clearly tosses me a bright smile when I mention songs like Geek USA.
  • The line up of the NEW TSP? Well, JC says they'd like the orignal four to get together again. JC is still in touch with James but hasn't spoken to him about the Pumpkins reforming. He however doesn't see a problem with James re-unting with the band. "Why not? It's not like the things people blow up right now in the media and all haven't been said in the studio, in hotels on tour, on stage or whatever? James knows of the issues but it's nothing that cannot be overcome I think."
  • D'arcy? "Well, she's the million dollar question. I haven't spoken to her since she left the band in 1999, nor has Billy. Nobody knows what she's been up to and if she's even capable of playing with us again." (Insert your own implications here)
  • Timeframe for TSP? Early 2006 TSP will start recording a new album which will subsequently be toured for sure.
  • Other TSP releases? This Xmas the DVD of Metro 2000 will be released. JC has a great smile on his face when I tell him it can't be released as the Final Show now... "That's a good one, hadn't thought about that, might have to come up with a new title now... haha"
  • It is highly unlikely the DVD will be released on Virgin Recs. He was rather quiet on the subject but did say all options were in fact open on this subject. As we know: live recordings of TSP are not owned by Virgin and could be released by any label by matter of a simple clearance deal. They are looking into it this instance JC told me. However: TSP still owes Virgin Recs ONE album or Greatest Hits according to JC. I: "But you screwed them out of MACHINA II" JC: "Well yeah, it was the right thing to do in the spirit of TSP to give away the best of the two albums for free to the fans you know. And why not? When you have more than enough money, why try to earn and earn and earn some more? No, there are some diificulties with Virgin and to say the least we are not on the best of terms with them anymore... So they surely aren't getting any 'gifts' from us." Which would indeed mean the Metro DVD would not be released through Virgin as this would in fact amount to a major 'gift'.
  • There was some talk of a boxset some while ago? JC: "Yes, in fact that might also be ready this Xmas. The basic idea was to have all four Pumpkins DJ a set of unreleased stuff. And release it every following Xmas, like they did with The Lord of the Rings. So four releases with new stuff in total. You know like that I would be Sauron, Bill would be Gandalf, James is Frode and D'Arcy'd be Galadriel. But anyway we are looking into ways of getting stuff out there. I don't know how at this moment, but there is something in the works."
  • At the end of our chat - JC has to break up his own drumkit - I ask him to sign my Moon Demotape which has already been signed by the three other formative members. JC is stunned to see the cassette, gladly signs it and says: "Man, that's some time ago, now you've come full circle with the autographs... but this thing sounds so damn good on tape..." (Which would in fact mean he does play his own copy/copies. A fact which was rather known before since it was JC who was known to me to play TSP live and other recordings all the time while BC couldn't stand listening to his own mistakes etc...)

We then say our goodbyes, JC goes along to break-up his kit and politely but surely we are ushered out of the deserted venue. A truely amazing expierence again with one of the most humble, humane and honest persons in rock I have ever had the pleasure to meet.



fonte: Netphoria Board 

CURIOSIDADE - Roupas usadas no clipe de Walking Shade (14/10/2005 By CHAN)



Para ver mais clique AQUI .


Streetcrawler Live Stream (10/10/2005 by CHAN)


Confiram abaixo uma apresentação do vivo do Jimmy Chamberlin Complex tocando Streetcrawler!

Muito bom, pena que o audio esteja em tão baixa qualidade.





E abaixo uma entrevista dada ao LXjovem , um site português:



The Red Room, Volume 4 (10/10/2005 by CHAN)




O CD "The Red Room" Volume 4 saiu na gringa desde o dia 12 de julio, e tem vários sucessos de varias bandas, entre eles uma do Billy Corgan de sua nova empreitada TFE:


1. Times Like These by The Foo Fighters

2. Bill Murray by Gorillaz

3. Tilt by Billy Corgan

4. Dramatica Mujer by Jason Mraz featuring Alexa Cuba Band

5. Black And White Town by The Doves

6. Afterglow 61 by Son Volt

7. Gracie by Ben Folds

8. Finding Out True Love Is Blind by Louis XIV

9. Banquet by Bloc Party

10. Portions For Foxes by Rilo Kiley

11. Green Grass Tunnel by British Sea Power

12. Just Friends by Gavin Degraw

13. Hot Fries by The Hold Steady

14. Devil In Me by 22-20S

15. Was It A Dream by 30 Seconds To Mars

16. Collide by Howie Day


17. Jolene by Ray Lamontagne



Tudo isso pelo preço camarada de $5,99.


fonte: The Red Room




愛の真夏 (09/10/2005 by CHAN)


"愛の真夏", Música produzida por James Iha estará em Calendário CD/DVD Japonês (つじあやの).

Para ouvir acesse Este LINK



Errata: anteriormente eu tinha anunciado a musica Shyne Day, mas na verdade é a 愛の真夏 , música número 07.


fonte: Jamesiha.org


Courtney Love as Weird and freaky and jealous about Billy! (7/10/2005 by CHAN)


Entrevista concedida à revisra SPIN por Courtney Love em 23/09/2005:


"This Kurt thing has burdened me so much. In a lot of ways, I wish I just had a baby with him and didn't marry him. I could've gone my own way."

I was married to Kurt and he had a melodic sense. He also played left-handed and I never really could copy anything that he did. But I could copy things that Billy did, and Billy had done Siamese Dream, which is a lot of songs about me, and I couldn't listen to Siamese Dream at home because my husband would get weird and freaky and jealous about Billy. I might start playing with Erik Erlandson again, I'm playing with Patty Schemel. I don't think I'll play with Melissa Auf Der Maur again just because she crossed over to the Dave Grohl side, and you're either on my side or the Grohl side.



fonte: Spin.com


Smashing Pumpkins no Myspace (7/10/2005 by CHAN)


Antes eu achava ser fake, mas não é que parece ser verdade e muitos sites da scene tão falando dele?

trata-se do Smashing Pumpkins Myspace, E de quebra no player sempre uma música da banda, e o Coming soon... 2007 !



GATMOG (1/10/2005 by CHAN)



A procura dos 3 episódios do Glass and The Machines of God, banda criada pelo imaginário do Billy Corgan envolvida no "Mistery of Machina", que explica muita coisa sobre e banda, inclusive a sua volta:



GATMOG - EP01 (16mb)

GATMOG - EP02 (26mb)

GATMOG - EP03 (23mb)


Os episódios são em animação, que lembram um pouco o desenho do Spawn.

Não perca tempo!


Billy Request Rage (01/10/2005 by CHAN)



Querem ver o resultado da entrevista que o Billy deu radio Rage, que eu já havia noticiado a setlist?



http://www.abc.net.au/rage/guest/real/billycorgan.ram (broadband) | http://www.abc.net.au/rage/guest/real/billycorgan56.ram (56k)

http://www.abc.net.au/rage/guest/wmv/billycorgan.wmv (broadband) | http://www.abc.net.au/rage/guest/wmv/billycorgan56.wmv (56k)


Toca Piano/Teclado e curte Pumpkins? (01/10/2005 by CHAN)



Então você vai adorar esse site, com partituras de Piano e Mellotron de várias músicas da banda:



Small Clips (30/09/2005 by CHAN)


Você pode baixar abaixo alguns trechos de shows ( a maioria tem entre 30 e 60 segundos ).


To Love Somebody


And so I Died

And so I Died(zip)

of a Broken Heart


Lembram? (24/09/2005 by CHAN)


Se lembram do tempo triunfal, onde este site era tão acessado como você acessa hoje em dia o google por exemplo?

estou falando do:



agora hosteado na sonypictures para não apagarmos da memoria este site glorioso!


Será, Será? (23/09/2005 by CHAN)


Contrary to various Internet reports, A Perfect Circle has not set October 18, 2005 as the official release date for their follow-up to 2003's "Thirteenth Step" (not couting last year's album of song covers "eMotive"). Recently: Singer Maynard James Keenan has been busy recording with his famous band Tool on their fourthcoming album; depending on come back, guitarist Billy Howerdel has done nothing, guitarist James Iha tried to join the rumoured comeback for The Smashing Pumpkins!, bassist Twiggy Ramirez has been busy touring with Nine Inch Nails behind their lastest album "With Teeth" and drummer Josh Freese has been busy working with The Vandals. Although the band may resume work on the new album after all and release it sometime in 2006.




fonte: Ultimate Guitar


Smashing Pumpkins COMICS (20/09/05 by CHAN)


Lembram do fantástico "Billy The Egomaniac" ?




pois bem... algum lunático, sem nenhum talento para desenhar, mas com um bom humor fora de sério criou sua propria página de comics dedicadas ao Smashing Pumpkins... rende boas risadas para quem entende as "piadinha internas" ehhehe..




Raridades? (15/09/05 by CHAN)


Procurando algum material raro?


Smashing Pumpkins - In My Body (Glass Remix)

in my body (gatmog)


Smashing Pumpkins - The Beginning is The End (demo)



Billy Corgan - Tilt (sample)

TILT (sample


Acho que deixei você mais feliz, por hoje ;)


Masters of Horror (09/09/05 by CHAN)


Billy Corgan irá contribuir com a trilha no episodio "Tobe Hooper's DANCE OF THE DEAD" do seriado Masters of Horror, anteriormente Billy Corgan já tinha feito sua contribuição em filmes de terror como Stigmata e The Fog.






Billy Corgan Rage Setlist (06/09/05 by CHAN)





Curiosos para ver a setlist que o BC fez para a radio Rage?



Interessante ver "Christina Aguillera" no bolo... mas com certeza foi para poder fazer alguma critica antes, uma vez que ele teve espaço de comentar cada música.


Você também pode ver a entrevista dada pelo Corgan no link abaixo:






A foto é autoexplicativa:



CURIOSIDADE - Pastichio Medley (03/09/05 by CHAN)


Segue abaixo uma listinha que fiz com o nome dos "trechos" da Pastichio Medley.. cai bem, uma vez que surgiram boatos de que o álbum da volta dos pumpkins seria baseado nos demos da pastichio medley ( zero single ).


  • (0:00 - 0:10) The Demon
  • (0:11 - 0:24) Thunderbolt
  • (0:25 - 0:35) Dearth
  • (0:36 - 0:52) Knuckles
  • (0:53 - 1:15) Star Song
  • (1:16 - 1:28) ???
  • (1:29 - 1:35) Firepower
  • (1:36 - 1:41) New Waver
  • (1:42 - 1:57) Space Jam
  • (1:58 - 2:16) Zoom


  • (2:17 - 2:26) So Very Sad About Us
  • (2:27 - 2:47) Phang
  • (2:48 - 3:02) Speed Racer
  • (3:03 - 3:17) The Eternal E
  • (3:18 - 3:22) Hairy Eyeball
  • (3:23 - 4:03) The Groover
  • (4:04 - 4:20) Hell Bent for Hell
  • (4:21 - 4:35) Rachel
  • (4:36 - 5:26) A Dog's Prayer
  • (5:27 - 5:48) Blast
  • (5:49 - 5:59) The Black Rider
  • (6:00 - 6:17) Slurpee
  • (6:18 - 6:39) Flipper
  • (6:40 - 6:48) The Viper
  • (6:49 - 6:56) Bitch
  • (6:57 - 7:06) Fried
  • (7:07 - 7:16) Harmonio
  • (7:17 - 7:24) U.S.A.
  • (7:25 - 7:37) The Tracer
  • (7:38 - 7:49) Envelope Woman
  • (7:50 - 8:00) The Tracer (denovo)
  • (8:01 - 8:10) Plastic Guy
  • (8:11 - 8:17) Glasgow 3am
  • (8:18 - 8:26) The Road is Long
  • (8:27 - 8:34) Funkified
  • (8:35 - 8:46) Rigamarole
  • (8:47 - 9:03) Depresso
  • (9:04 - 9:15) The Streets are Hot Tonite
  • (9:16 - 9:39) Dawn at 16
  • (9:40 - 9:49) Spazzmatazz
  • (9:50 - 10:00) Fucker
  • (10:01 - 10:16) In the Arms of Sheep
  • (10:17 - 10:39) Speed
  • (10:40 - 10:50) 77
  • (10:51 - 11:02) Me Rock You Snow
  • (11:03 - 11:13) Feelium
  • (11:14 - 11:24) Is Alex Milton
  • (11:25 - 11:34) Rubberman
  • (11:35 - 11:42) Spacer
  • (11:43 - 11:51) Rock Me
  • (11:52 - 12:02) Weeping Willowly
  • (12:03 - 12:17) Rings
  • (12:18 - 12:29) So So Pretty
  • (12:30 - 12:43) Lucky Lad
  • (12:44 - 12:57) Jackboot
  • (12:58 - 13:06) Millieu
  • (13:07 - 13:24) Disconnected
  • (13:25 - 13:33) Let Your Lazer Light Shine Down
  • (13:34 - 13:37) Phreak
  • (13:38 - 13:48) Porkbelly
  • (13:49 - 13:58) Robot Lover
  • (13:59 - 14:04) Jimmy James
  • (14:05 - 14:13) America
  • (14:14 - 14:33) Slinkeepie
  • (14:34 - 14:44) Dummy Tum Tummy
  • (14:45 - 14:51) Fakir
  • (14:52 - 15:03) Jake
  • (15:04 - 15:17) Camaro
  • (15:18 - 15:24) Moonkids
  • (15:25 - 15:34) Make it Fungus
  • (15:35 - 15:49) V-8
  • (15:50 - 22:54) Die
  • (22:55 - 23:00) X.Y.U



Bem... falta de materia prima não vai ser problema.. não estranhem se em 2006 os Smashing Pumpkins lançarem um álbum com alguma música desta lista!'


ActIV dot Net (01/09/05 by CHAN)


Isso ae... dia 29 saiu o DVD do ACT4 2005!







Vale dar uma conferida no site que tem muita coisa interessante.


R.S.P.A.A de volta (29/08/05 by CHAN)


Para os que não sabiam, o invejável acervo de material dos Smashing Pumpkins está de volta




Façam bom proveito! :)


James Iha no MySpace.com (28/08/05 by Rafaman)


Vamos perturbar o Japonronga pra ele voltar!!! >P

Suposta página do James Iha no MySpace.com



RE: eu já to aperriando o japinha la no Myspace (28/08/05 by CHAN)


Walking Shade Video em Alta Definição (16/08/05 by CHAN)



Baixe no link abaixo o video Walking Shade, primeiro single do TheFutureEmbrace, álbum solo do Billy Corgan:



SP Reborn (07/08/05 by CHAN)


Rumours of a Smashing Pumpkins rekindling have been rife these past few weeks, after frontman Billy Corgan made public how much he missed his old band. However, confirmation that the band will reform has come from Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin whilst on tour promoting his new outfit, The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex. Chamberlin stopped off at the Archer in Newcastle to host a drum clinic, and somewhere between offering existential music guidance and performing a solo version of Geek U.S.A. (only drums, no accompanyment), he announced that the Chicago veterans would be getting back together and aiming to tour in February 2006. Chamberlin went on to state that the Smashing Pumpkins would not be doing "a greatest hits tour [...] we're n…


LER MAIS: Zwanmusic



You Where Mine - Acustica (06/08/05)


Uma música acustica do BC que provavelmente você nunca escutou, muito boa:



You Were Mine (acoustic)




Easter EGG : DVD Greatest Hits (01/08/05 by CHAN)


O DVD Greatest Hits possui um Easter EGG com um vídeo escondido do UNTITLED.


Sigam os passos abaixo para verem este Easter EGG.


1 - Ponha o DVD Smashing Pumpkinjs Greatest Hits no Player ou PC.

2 - No menu vá até a ultima opção e ponha pro lado esquerdo (TV) ou localise um pixel cinza ao lado da ultima opção e clique com o mouse (PC)

3 - Capitche!



Easter EGG : Bullet With Butterfly Wings POSTER (01/08/05 by CHAN)


Para ver esse Easter EGG você precisará ter o TAFH ou o Poster do BWBW.


1 - Look at where the child's face is poking through the tear in the tear in the picture of the older man.

2 - Now, with a magnifying glass look at the lapel on the right of the face.

3 - The blue dots that color the exposed back of the torn paper are grouped together to spell out "Burdock Blood Bitters"

4 - It's very faint so you might need pretty good lighting to spot it but it's there.

5 - It's a reference to the fact that the girl in the background is the same girl that was in the advertisements for Burdock Blood Bitters which incidentally had cocaine in them (which is why they no longer exist!)



  • quem quiser pode traduzir :)


Easter EGG : SOMA (01/08/05 by CHAN)


atenção: este easter EGG só pode ser ouvido no volume máximo e com fones de ouvido.

Siga os passoas abaixo para ouvir o EASTER EGG.


1 - Ponha o CD Siamese Dream no driver, ou a MP3, como preferir.

2 - Ponha na Track 7 , SOMA.

3 - Espere a música dar um "FADE OUT"* e terá um curto espaço de tempo entre a proxima música.



4 - Ponha fones de ouvido e o volume no máximo; será possivel ouvir um "televangelist" , uma sessão de descarrego do demônio.


  • FADE OUT = efeito utilizado nas músicas onde o volume da música vai abaixando até sumir.


Easter EGG : GALAPOGOS (01/08/05 by CHAN))




Na música GALAPOGOS do MCIS existe um EASTER EGG ( ovo de páscoa ), nome que se dá a mensagens / conteúdo subliminar.

Se você quiser ouvir este Easter EGG siga os passos abaixo.


1 - Ponha o CD Dawn to Dusk ( MCIS ) no driver , ou a MP3, como preferir.

2 - Escute a música GALAPOGOS

3 - Quando der 3:16, numa parte que fica apenas os instumentos, aumente o volume no máximo e você poderá ouvir o Billy Falando;


"i'm sorry i put you through this ****. i'm sorry, i'm sorry.........i'm sorry, i'm sorry...... wishes."



O Billy gravou essa mensagem para a sua ex-esposa, na qual se divorciou na época do MCIS.


obs: usar fones de ouvido pode ajudar a ouvir a mensagem.


Vanessa and the O's (30/07/05 by CHAN)

Em mais uma "empreitada" do James Iha, após sair do APC ele encontra-se na desconhecida Vanessa and the O´s. Abaixo uma foto da banda:




Sarah Scans (28/07/05 by CHAN)


Emfim um site com algumas, poucas, fotos inéditas do Billy Corgan, mas não todas.


Sarah Scans





Polêmicas do Billy Corgan (??/07/05 by CHAN)



Recentemente Billy Corgan deu uma entrevista bem polêmica à revista Norte Americana SPIN.. onde ele declara o Smashing Pumpkins a maior banda de todos os tempos, fala da sua relação com o James Iha e a D`Arcy e se Compara a Michael Jordan enquanto estava nos Pumpkins. Será uma nova doença? a síndrome do Liam Gallaghe?








Smashing Pumpkins pbWiki (??/07/05 by CHAN)

Sejam bem vindos ao Smashing Pumpkins pbWiki; um site voltado a banda Smashing Pumpkins, principal banda do cenário do Rock Alternativo dos anos 90 e uma das mais importantes bandas de Rock de todos os tempos.

O interessante da Smashing Pumpkins pbWiki assim como todos os sites "pbWiki" é que você visitante pode enviar / modificar textos para acrescentar algo interessante para a comunidade que curte a banda, mas para isso só se pede o bom senso de evitar "FLOODS" e "FLAMMERS".

Insira Links, MP3, Fotos, Noticias ou Qualquer coisa interessante sobre a banda, mas antes leia o 'FAQ' que pode ser acessado no menu acima para tirar as possíveis dúvidas de funcionamento do pbWiki, só então use o botão !edit! para inserir sua contribuição.

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